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Originally Posted by Alucard
Do you know how dirt cheap those parts would cost? Cheaper then a console .
Far from it - a PC doesn't just run on those components, once you add a motherboard, HDD, CD drive; even with 2nd hand parts, the basic PC required to run console equivalant games costs a lot more than a ?100 console. What's cost got to do with the topic anyway?

Originally Posted by Alucard
And you'll find console developers are equally limited by the kits Sony or anyone else release for them to try and work with. DX is alot more flexible and also has more features.
The downside (and the plus side as it turns out) is the many reports that the PS2 is difficult to program for - most developers have to create their own code directly to the low level BIOS to make efficient use of the PS2 GFX rather than using the code given by the development kits.

With PC games, since ever GFX card is different, you cannot optimise a code for the GFX BIOS (see the games before DirectX came out - Voodoo, Matrox, ATi code optimisation). DirectX functions as an intermediate between the GFX drivers and the actual card. This is solved by the fact that the DirextX instructions are very good and efficient, but not as efficient as it could be if there was only one standard of GFX card.

(The downside of DirectX is that programmers tend to rely too much on the code rather than coming up with their own - this is partly the reason why some GFX effects on PC games such as lighting, shadows and filtering all look very similar.)
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