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Super Mario Odyssey Doesn't Have "Game Over" Screens, Apparently You just lose coins

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Super Mario Odyssey Doesn't Have "Game Over" Screens, Apparently
You lose coins when you die.

The Super Mario franchise is known for its Gamer Over screens, but don't expect to see them in this year's highly anticipated Super Mario Odyssey. The game's Japanese Twitter account recently posted a video that shows what happens when Mario dies. You will lose an allotment of coins, but you'll never see a Game Over screen, apparently.

As Polygon explains, Odyssey also doesn't have lives and 1-Ups. The game does have a checkpoint system, so when you die, you may not have to go back too far. Coins are apparently pretty plentiful, so you may not have to worry about getting too low.

We have contacted Nintendo in an attempt to get more details on why Odyssey doesn't have Game Over screens. It sounds like it's a way to keep people in the action.

For the Nintendo Switch game Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Nintendo added an smart-steering and auto-acceleration, presumably to accomodate new players. These are both optional.

Odyssey launches on October 27 exclusively for Nintendo Switch. We recently learned that it supports two-player local co-op. We played the game at E3 and you can read our gameplay impressions here and you can watch a demo of it here.

In other news, someone has modded Odyssey's hat-possesion ability into Super Mario 64, so that's pretty cool.
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