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I may get some heat for admitting this, but I actually preferred FF Tactics Advanced 2 over the original for a number of reasons. My only true beef was the childish story and, to some degree, the fact that you acquired new abilities through obtaining weapons, armor, and accessories. I know that particular aspect really turned off people but it didn't bother me as much because I didn't mind collecting the needed items. Plus it provided an extra purpose to engage in as many quests as possible. Other than that, Advanced provided more of what I like in a SRPG: more classes and abilities, greater character customization, extensive crafting, side quests, etc..

But its hard to really compare the original FFT with Jeanne d'Arc since, according to my personal tastes, one offers something the other doesn't and vice versa. FFT wins in these areas: ability to change classes, character customization, and damage balance with melee and magic. Jeanne d'Arc wins in these: more likable, unique characters, added strategic elements that are very neat yet simple to learn, and some post game activities such as the Coliseum (which is rather addictive and a useful place to gather the best equipment and skill stones) and a nice quest to get back a certain party member. Both have very engrossing, mature stories that progress well to the games' finales - but I'd still give advantage to Jeanne.

In general, Seraph, I think you would enjoy Jeanne d'Arc.
Originally Posted by mistatee
I'm going to have to disagree about spell casters. I found them to be better than melee characters, unless said melee characters could transform. Also, most spell casters weren't all that fragile (as more than half could transform themselves) so the burning moves happened a lot with them, they take damage, transform to get full health, and own shop.

Magic against anything that was bigger than 1 square was amazing, because it hit multiple times too.
I think we have a slight misunderstanding here. I'm not referring to the effectiveness of magic-oriented characters, but rather the overall effectiveness and utility of offensive magic spells. Offensive magic did have its uses, particularly early in the game and, as we both mentioned, was very effective against the few large units that occupied multiple squares you encountered - which is how I power leveled my melee characters (except Gilles) from lvl 45-99 so quickly. But I found even when using Richard and Cuiruss (the two with the highest MAG ATT who can transform), they were more effective damage-wise doing melee and using their Transformation techniques than casting single target and AOE offensive magic spells particularly due to the limited and bizarre radius of effect. Later on, when your characters obtain Godspeed and Two or Three Rounds, melee is just godly as you can lay waste to almost an entire map in one round. This is evident especially Post Game in the Coliseum. My favorite was when Colet would Three Hit for 700-900+ against the named demons and Luther. or Rufus doing 1,100+ with Three Rounds to most enemies. Unless you casted Blizzard II, for example, on a dragon, you can't do that type of damage to a single-tiled target which 99.5% of the enemies are. If they had made a skill stone called Two or Three Casts that allowed you to cast two or three damage spells at the cost of one in a single turn, and had better AOE radius then yes, offensive magic could have kept up in terms of damage with melee.
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