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Originally Posted by memory to zack View Post
Iīm playing it and its very good. If you patch it up there arenīt any technical issues anymore like it was said. 600k is a bit low for such a game, it deserves at least 1M and over. Considering though that this was CD Projektīs first game and wasnīt advertised by Atari, itīs a big feat nonetheless.

And it amazes how this game can run on low settings at ~25 fps and on mid settings at ~18 fps on my 5 years old PC (and the low-end graphics are not bad at all, actually) whereas other older games that should normally run easy-breazy at high-end, run like shit (Gothic 3 demo, for instance) . Really good job there CD Projekt
You forget that gothic 3 was a shit game in terms of optimization and it had a mass of bugs.
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