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Originally Posted by Joe Redifer

Who cares? Those shooters have crappy music and shooters with bad music is like Mario without his mustache. Also, vertical shooters have had their day. Horizontal shooters are better (much).
Who cares? Yeah, you really "love shooters". First of all, anyone who plays a shmup for the music is not a real shmup fan, and they are usually people who suck horribly at the genre. I assume you fall into this category. You can buy the stupid soundtrack and listen to it in your room, you don't need a game for that. The gameplay is what matters, and those games have it in spades. Of course you have to PLAY them to figure that out, not just pop in the disc and go to the sound test.

Also, BorderDown is a hori. So obviously you never played it (from the context you seem to think all the shmups I mentioned are verts). Way to make blanket opinions on games you've never played!! It also has great music, in case you care.
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