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Originally Posted by bemanisuperstar
It wouldn've sold as much on the GC and you would need like 30 discs to play it on Cube.

Shenmue 2 is XBOX and should be XBOX until Ryo avenges his father.
Well Shenmue I & II were on DC cds. GC discs (I think) hold more info than a DC disc. It certainly wouldn't be "30".

It may be on Xbox but there's no way in hell it should be. That's why sales of part II failed.

Sega shafted themselves and Dreamcast owners by not releasing part II for the DC. They should've released it as a last hurrah to the Dreamcast and then ported both of them over to PS2. Because of Sega's idiotic business practices, we're likely not going to see any more installments of Shenmue. This online game is just rubbing salt in the wound.
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