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GI Joe trailers looked horrible when I first saw it, the one released a while ago, and I didn't go see the film. And then it was on the other day on Film4, so I watched it, and I can safely say now it is shit. But I never went around saying it was shit before I'd seen it. Or ever would.

As Darren said, something that looks shit and something that is shit is totally different, and you can only know the latter when having experienced it for yourself. A few times I've had to play a game for an hour or so to 'get into it' and it's been a blast. And yeah, again like Darren said, lots of things that look good turns out shit; I've seen lots if disappointments over the years. Rage is an example. So much hype over it then it turned into quite an average game imo. And I only said it was average after playing it.

Originally Posted by darren316
i would take the opinion of someone that PLAYED a game ANYDAY over someone that DIDNT ..
That's what it boils down to.
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