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Sorry, but I dont need to play a game after watching 2 stages worth to know if its for me or not. Same as playing a game for a couple stages. Dead Space I forced my way through 7 stages before throwing it away. MW3 I couldnt stand past the second stage. Brothers at Arms got 1 hour out of me. I wont even bother getting into the shit that AvP was. Syndicate, is lifeless. Comparing it to Riddick, which I watched my friendplay for 10min and decided I would play it and loved it to death, is an absolute insult. Its one of the best games ever made. Comparing it to Riddick is like comparing AvP 1 and 2 to the new AvP by the same studio. 2 awesome games, one complete and absolute mess of shit.

I'll admit I expect a certain level from games I play, but I cant see how you could find syndicate great.
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