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They do, in fact, give away high scores as if you take away their pen, they are gaming marks. They indeed to kiss the butt of many a franchiase and they believe the hype perhaps even more than the masses they shill to. They believe that any game with Final Fantasy attached onto it deserves no less than a 9. Games like VO:OT got a perfect score because they were basically shilling to the arcade gamer, when it was in fact a niche game with limited playability. Famitsu doesn't take all the particulars into account when rating a game. Pretty much, if it is a "most wanted" game, they will give it a high score to please the masses instead of on the strength of the gameplay itself. Halo 2 is a must have game if you are a fan of FPS games, and if they got reviewers that understood that (and contrary to popular belief, there are many Japanese FPS fans. I play Counter-Strike and UT 2k4 on a plethora of Japanese servers), then they would get 4 reviewers that would rate the game on the strength of the game from an FPS fan's point of view....or perhaps they did and subtracted 1-2pts per review because it wasn't made in Japan. And from what I have learned from peeping their scores for the past few years and the Japanese consumer reaction, anything less than a 36 would make it look like it was not worthy of an immediate buy.
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