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Originally Posted by superRSXs
MGS3 aside, Meshugana, ur girlfriend is a God-send.

one question i had is, MGS3 shows us how Big Boss got the bandana from The Boss, is that the same bandana Solid Snake wears? if it is, then that darn piece of fabric lasted over 40 years? lol
tell her herself, she is forum member "Rain"

also MGS3 is amazing, best in the series, but remember revolver ocelots phone call at the end of mgs1 and he was like "....Mr. President" and music was like DUUUN, all dramatic, like oh my god he was talking to the president, well it did the same thing when he said director, like him talking to the director was supposed to be a big shock, and if its a big shock i doubt it was the CIA director becuase ocelot had already said he worked for the CIA , so it wouldnt be a big surprise that he was talking to someone from the CIA..
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