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Originally Posted by Meshugana
at the end where Ocelot is talking on the phone, he's talking to the director...who is the director? And how can Ocelot be working for the CIA, this doesnt fit into MGS1 story......maybe i just forgot the story of MGS1, if it helps i never beat MGS2 so i dont know the ending story....also i just want to add this because she doesn't want me to, but my girlfriend cried during the ending of MGS3, she said it is extremly sad, keep in mind she never played but knows the entire story because she watched me basically play all of it.
actually, the story is how big boss comes into play. the story takes place before metal gear on the 8-bit. i do not know who the CIA director is, but i will say that metal gear solid 3 was a fantastic, magical experience that i will never forget.

konami needs to remake metal gear and metal gear 2: solid snake. if this happens, i will have died and gone to heaven. metal gear solid 3 is the best game in the solid series.
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