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I didn't really get that guy

A few years back I played the original Trauma Center game for the DS. I have to admit it was pretty neat and I liked it quite a bit. This game is pretty much a remake that does everything right. It also does everything better. If I could only recommend one Wii game to everyone that owns a Wii it would be this game. It's really difficult for me to imagine someone not liking this game. Wait, no it's not, this is the internet.

The gameplay is fucking ace. Did I just say 'ace'? Wow. The controls are nearly flawless. When information about the Wii's remote first started pouring in this is the kind've game I imagined they'd be developing. Controlling, for the most part, is very simple. The only part you need to 'think' about is how to complete your objective (and really, isn't that how gaming is supposed to be?). My only complaint is a pretty big one and that's the fact that the information on how to complete your objectives are incredibly vague or just non-existent altogether.

Ho-ly-Shit! That's really all I have to say about this game's soundtrack. It's just amazing. This game's music is crafted with electronic synth leads, upbeat keyboards, smooth guitars, and seasoned nicely with jazz chords. I have nothing but praise in this department.

Shit is chill

The atmosphere in this game really something. It's one of those games where you'll come back to it in a few years and have an awesome feeling of nostalgia. The art style is fan-fucking-tastic and the fact they could develop a good story for a game about preforming surgery is pretty damn amazing. Naturally, the characters and plot have been slightly butchered through localization but overall it's very enjoyable. The only thing that's missing is full voice acting, but they stuck that in the sequel.

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