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SuperAngelo64's Somewhat Short Reviews

So I'm starting a new review thread. This one is for reals, I promise.

Despite how awesome my other thread was the mods can go ahead and lock it! Really, you can!

Thing is... a good friend of mine let me borrow a ton of games to play! He wanted to know what I thought about them so I decided that I would expand my little 'opinions between friends' into it's own thread.

I want to keep them brief and to the point.

Yes, I've made a 1/5 ranking system because those are always fun, amirite?

1 - Shit
2 - Pretty bad
3 - Good
4 - Awesome
5 - Jack Albertson

I'll also be including little comics for each game (or not), along with a music sample in the form of a YouTube video.

I'll be judging the games on three primary factors:


This is the way the game functions. How fun it is to actually play, complete objectives, control your character, etc. You know, I consider this the meat of the game.


'What the fuck is style', you ask? This is the overall 'feel' of the game. It's something that everyone experiences but something not alot've people pinpoint or take into consideration when looking at a game. This is usually what breaks a game when someone says "Well, it looked good on paper..." in the aftermath. Atmosphere, art style, voice acting, plot, etc. They all are part of this. It's basically the bread of the game.


Well, these are my reviews aren't they? Music is a big part of any game. You might be thinking '..shouldn't this go under 'style'?'. I might be telling you to shut up. It's like the sauce (lol, sauce) of the game. Actually it being the 'sauce' is the best way to put it. It can really dress up something that already tastes good and sometimes if the sauce is good enough it can help you choke down shit that tastes awful.

So, let's get this started huh?
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