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Originally Posted by Vegetto
that happend to me one time, firefox screwing up then I close it, then I try to open it again and it asks what user wants to use it and then if you selcect yourself it wont let you

I restarted my PC and it seemed to work.

ive reformatted my PC since then though so its squeaky clean....well it was
Yeah, I was eventually going to format some time soon anyways because my pc has been acting up lately, like stuff just seems to run slower than usual. Also seeing as my computer is crappy it can exceed a certain amout of ram (i think). Because one day while my sister was taking down her old pc to the basement I stole her ram cards (and hard drive ) and I took out one of the 64mb cards and put in the one from her comp with the biggest amount (i'm not sure how much) and when I would turn on my pc the system would just beep, it would be on but nothing would happen except a bunch of beeping. I really want to put linux on my pc (seeing as I have a copy) because there's less of a chance for me to get a virus with it, but the complication of installing programs with that is rediculous. People tell me " You just have to mount this and that." I don't want to MOUNT!!! *breaths heavily*

( ^ ______________________________________________^ )

but anyways I think I'll format tonight once the rest of my episodes of invader zim finish downloading and also my 1000s of genesis roms.

Btw I plan on copying that stuff (as long as the rest of my stuff n my sis') to disk, just so that you don't wonder why I'm wasting time dowloading something that I'm going to delete.
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