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UGH! I was online and then a popup ad somehow go through, I close it and a few seconds later my antivir personal edition warned me about a script trying to run and asked if I wanted to delte it, block it, etc. I click block (or deny access) and a few minutes later my firefox screwed up and I closed it. When I reopened it was asking me about which profile to use. It was weird because it never asked me that before and when I clicked on default it said I couldn't use that because it was already in use. *all of this happened yesterday btw*, and now every so often images don't show at websites. It's not just specific websites this happens at but sometimes they'll show and sometimes they won't. I scanned for spyware last night and it found 8. I cleaned them out and then right after i did two virus scans with 2 different programs (not at the same time though, that would be stupid). They found nothing. But the problem is still going on. I'm going to do one more spyware scan and maybe another antivirus, if that doesn't work then i'll just format. I having to format. It's just the thought of it.
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