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Front Mission 1st for the DS Reveiw

Story: 8.5
Battle System: 7
Graphics: 6
Music: 9
Replay Value: 9

My Appeal
-I love strategy games!
-I love RPG's
-I like a good story
-I like hand drawn characters!

The game has a good story for an SNES game
Customizing Wanzers is cool, everything up to the color of the mech
Two campaigns to play through
Ties into newer FM games

Way to easy, even in New game+ mode
Not enough skills
There really isn't any strategy here
Final Boss of UCS and OCU went out like punk bitches

Reveiw: Front Mission is one of the premiere mech games outside of japan. Rivaling games like Armored Core and Super Robot Taisen in terms of storyline and Craaaaazy mech action. But the Front Mission series holds a special place in my heart. Seeing as I'm a whore for everything Sqenix. The first game in the series released on the Snes (or NES donno) and was remade later in 2001 for the PS1 with a second campaign that perceived the side of the story from the opposing factions vantage point.

Story: The story starts off with your team of chibi mechs on a flat playing board. The game explains that your on an island (oh boy!) called Huffman split in half by two major world powers, one being the OCU, or Ossies and the other being the UCS, or AMERICANS. Yes America is once again kicking ass and taking names 89 years into the future. The long standing cease fire is violated, blah blah blah, lover dies, blah, typical sqeenix crap.
I'm not saying the story is crap, it was written 16 years ago when it had'nt been rehashed billions of times in FF games. There is a pretty enemy named Driscoll, too old to be a Bishi though.

Battle System: This is normally why we buy games isn't it? The battle system is fairly simple in this game. You get to field up to 16 mechs against double or more that on the enemies team. But the enemy just tries to overwhelm you over and over again instead of using superior tactics to make you think. Most battles end up with it just being who can use the repair care the best. Not too fun. Later in the game your guys actually get skills which make the game a total breeze. Stuff like one attack kills are frequent! The battle system is average!

Graphics: What can you expect from a game that debuted on the original nintendo systems? Nothing. It looks just like a Final Fantasy game, no not like FF 6 but more like 4. The wierd art still exists with males looking semi feminine. The only saving grace of this game is that all the characters where hand drawn including the backgrounds to places like towns.

Music: The music is good. 8 bit glory good-ness. Later in the game it does become repetitive though but since I am a very patient man I couldn't get too angry. (Kept expecting one winged angel epicness)

Replay Value: This is where the game shines. If you like replaying a game for customization and items that is. The game offers you a separate campaign that you can play through detailing more of the story surrounding the Huffman conflict. The second part is hard, especially if you were expecting the ease of the first campaign. After you beat that and save the clear data you can replay either side again in new game+ mode. This mode basically adds more parts to the shops and weapons and gives you the choice to change enemy damage/lvl modifier. I put it on 2.0 and that was easy, but the cool parts and customization kept me in it.

Conclusion: If your a mech fan this game is a definite buy. If your a strategy RPG fan you might want to pass it up for how easy it is. If you just have a strange fascination with customization you probably already have alot of tattoos and should stay away from this game anyway.
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