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Originally Posted by Rubeus View Post
I am still confused whether I should buy the game or not, I like the series up to FFXII (+ FFXIII-2), should I even try getting into this one?
If you like JRPGs and have enough games to hold over until Persona 5 and Ni No Kuni 2 next year, I would say a "weak yes" to say you played it. Combat opinions are quite severely divided (I do agree 100% on the needless grading system), story is a bit too shallow (it seriously is a side-quest oriented game with a story on the side).

If you're okay with a FF where you blaze through the whole story in 20-25 hours (I'm being serious) it may be worth a try picking up a used copy.

If this game didn't carry the Final Fantasy tag I would've liked it much less.
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