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Bah, I'm really starting to get sick of EM. I hope they nerf it soon =P (atleast the negligable HP 'drain' from Energy Transfer). Not that I am jealous or anything, I have a lvl 45 Fire/EM Tanker that kicks total ass in PvP.

I usually don't think with RV in mind much, I think more in terms of base raiding (when they fix the damn CoP). I admit, I do want Soul Mastery to fit my character's 'theme', but Mace Mastry from Scorpion is looking damn good now.. I think I may roll a 'fotm' Stalker for the heck of it and get Mace then.. I'm stuck on using my few remaining slots though.. the devs said they are releasing 10 new powersets in 07! I guess for now I will stick to PvP on my Broadsword/Regen/Body... but thanks for enlightning me on Scorpion's Patron set, I will definately be taking that in the future (-jump = sitting duck for most people's PvP builds).

I guess the Darkness from the Patron sets pale a little compared to Heroes' Epic sets. I have Darkness Mastery or whatever the hell it's called on my Broadsword/Invuln and the debuff surprisingly works in PvP and PvE. 'Fearsome Stare' is awesome for unsuspecting people who dont think Scrappers have any Hold attacks.

It's so hard to find any good info on the official boards for Patron Power sets.

Oh and what's this about Scirocco's set giving a Heal other?! That sounds awesome. I have a Psi/Psi dom who I've had planned to take Mu Mastery. I thought the first power was end recov, not hp, did they change it?! If so I'm going to be playing my Dom later on! (I haven't played the game at all this week.. lawl, I need to lvlupzzzzzzz!) I've been having waaay too much fun with my Brute (I replaced 'jab' (minor damage) with the Fighting Pools 'Boxing'.. same animation.. but moderate damage.. he combos like a muthafucker, I was in Bloody Bay (Newbieville) trying to get a plaque and some Scrapper tried to sneak up on me (He was something stupid like a Martial Arts/Dark Armor), so with his Martials arts combos and my S.Strength combos going off.. my Fury meter reached 70% in like 8 seconds. Wow.. kinda went off topic there..

Man I am a total dork for this game. I really thought it was going to be dumb, my girlfriend at the time convinced me to buy it. The bitch spoiled me with her lvl 50 Empathy/Psychic/Power Defender.

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