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@ Iori.
Yeah I run through Grandville on 512mb of RAM.. I've got totally raped by Arachnos soldiers between frames when lagging.


The main reason I was going to go with Widow is because the -accuracy from blinding powder mixed with the -accuracy from the dark powers, along with Ninjitsu's evasion/defense can be pretty insane I hear if slotted correctly (I'm building my stalker more for 1v1 duels). I didn't know they 'fixed' Soul Storm's effect in PvP, does is still do that awesome 'spin your enemy over your head' animation in PvP? Black Scorpion's crap does sound nice, especially with that -jump hold, but that redraw just doesn't sound good. Besides, Katana can do Knockback and Knockup with Soaring Dragon and Golden Dragonfly Techniques/Powers. I personally think Scorpion is the most badass Patron though; He's like a Mexican version of the Juggernaut with am Arm Cannon and a japanese girlfriend, how ****-cool is that?

I was thinking of slotting the snipe attack like
(DMG) (DMG) (DMG) (ACC) (-ToHIT) (-ToHIT).

It just sucks I can't 'try and compare' since these damn Patrons for Villains are permanent. I do agree they feel kind've novelty, but they sure look cool! I get some use from 'em, don't get me wrong. My SuperStrength/Dark/Soul Brute with his Fury built up can two-shot entire groups of +1's with a Foot Stomp/Dark Obliteration combo. I was hoping the Stalker snipes would be as awesome as that, but from you say I should prepare myself to be bummed =\.

Just curious though, how do you have the Snipe slotted?

EDIT: Does anyone really take the 4th tier Arachnos summon powers from the Patron sets?

The ONLY one that looked cool was Black Scorpions where you summon a bunch've little tiny robot spiders.

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