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Alucard & Havoc, let's put it this way. Someone gave me that new Donkey Kong Wii as a gift for Christmas. It's still in its shrink wrap. The most recent game I've played is Mushihimesama Futari but that's a quick playthrough anyway.

Besides working like a madman, I also have to take care of things around the house, my family, etc. Old-school gaming is good but only when it's something that can be played in like 15 minutes or so. Once the new Zelda hits I'll have to make time for that, but that's an exception to the norm (I mean, c'mon, it's Zelda).

Joe, believe me, TV isn't getting in the way of anything -- I don't have time for that either. I'll put on a movie every now and then. Speaking of which, you must acquire Undisputed III: it's great fun all the way through. I think you'd enjoy it. Old-school games are great occasionally; I can still plow through stuff like Super Punch-Out! or Strider. As long as the ride is short and sweet.

Moreso than anything, the gaming industry shot itself in the foot by becoming too mass market, i.e. trying to appeal to everybody. The curse of microtransactions did nothing to cure that perception -- yet another means of milking gamers' wallets. Remember those old ads where they would talk about feeling as though you should be inserting quarters into a slot on your Genesis/SNES? Well, it happened, except now you insert your credit card # and they take $5-10. What kind of rip-off BS is that?

Ah well, I don't need to worry about it since it doesn't affect me.
Turn on the difference.
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