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Twinkle Tale
Sega Genesis

This is the box cover.
Is it displayed on YOUR shelf?

Twinkle Tale was released sometime in the 20th century by WAS Entertainment for the Sega Mega Drive in Japan. It was never released in any other region because Sega wanted to concentrate on locally developed crap-on-a-stick like X-Men and other choppy games. This game is kind of like a shooter or something but not really. It is the prequel to Magician Lord which was released much earlier on the Neo-Geo 16-bit system... or at least that's what I want to believe. Both are rock-hard games (in terms of difficulty, not the boner you will get while playing). If you continue to read my review, you will find more text and even pictures from the game as your reward.

If you go left in stage 1, you fight this stone dude.
If you go right, you fight him and his 2 beer buddies.
Go left.

Graphics: 6/10
The graphics certainly aren't tremendous. There is a lot of dithering due to lazy graphic design as well as a lot of patterned tiles for the same reason. Color is pretty good and the animation is about average. Every once in awhile you'll get a second layer of scrolling or something crazy like that. The bosses are OK to look at. I am getting bored writing about the graphics now so I will stop.

Obviously this is the same lead character that is in Magician Lord (right).
Notice when he is young his shadow is nothing but black vertical stripes.
When he gets older he has no shadow at all because he is far too manly.

Sound: 5/10
Certainly nothing special here, either. Nothing bad, but nothing really memorable. I'm pretty sure it is in stereo but I forget. It doesn't sound as good as Altered Beast or anything. I am getting bored writing about the sound and you are getting bored reading about it.

Level 7 is a vertical shooter that will piss you off.

Gameplay: 6/10
The gameplay is what matters. I bet you have never heard that before. But the gameplay here is fairly good. You get to walk around and choose different paths. The difficulty varies on what path you take. It is less linear than Elemental Master by a long shot, but I still prefer Elemental Master. You should play Elemental Master. It is by TechnoSoft which means it has great music. It is neat. Anyway in Twinkle Tale you get an extra space on your life meter after every two stages. You have, like, three weapons and each has three levels of firepower. You also have a choice of two different super bombs which is really keen. You only have one life and it won't be long before you are staring at the continue screen or maybe a smashed cartridge on the floor. The game is tough, unless you put it on EASY. Then it is easy and even a baby pansie could beat it. But on normal it is tough and it takes a super-masculine man like Macho Man Randy Savage or Tom Arnold to beat it.

Here is the boss of level 1. Sucks to be him, I'm sure.

Wrap up:
Yeah. So, like, this game is really rare and stuff and is good for collectors and the such. I like Magician Lord better, though. And so do you. They should rename this game "Tinkle Tale" and release it on the Nintendo Wii (Haha LOL OMG ROTFLMAO OMG LOL HAHAHAHAHA me so clever!!!) I also want to say that I am very lazy right now.
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