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Altered Beast
Nintendo Entertainment System / Famicom

I don't have a box cover for you,
so you get a title screen instead.

Can you believe that there was even an NES version of Altered Beast? Well there was, and it was made by rockin' videogame powerhouse Asmik. Like the Sega Master System version, this version is 2 megabit and runs on an 8-bit machine. But oh lordy did they ever drop the ball! This game kind of resembles Altered Beast I suppose. And it's quite humorous to play due to how wrong they get the game for the most part. But they did go out of their way and add some new stuff that is not in any other Altered Beast game.

The NES proves it is more powerful than the SMS.

Graphics: 1/10
Ug! For some reason nearly HALF of the screen is taken up by your power meter, current stage number and remaining lives. I guess the NES is not powerful enough to run this amazing game full screen. Or maybe it's Asmik who's not powerful enough. Usually there are not more than 6 colors onscreen at any given time, and your character barely even looks like a man. Extra flicker has been added to make up for the missing detail on every tiny sprite. Everything moves really really fast though, and some of the original bosses look almost OK. But sheesh! I don't think Asmik was looking to sell many copies because they must have rushed through this big time. The NES is capable of much, much better as we have seen countless times before.

The boss tosses his heads incredibly fast.

Sound: 4/10
Where are the voices? All of the voices are gone! And this game is the same size as the SMS version which has voices! The sound effects are mostly the typical washy/fuzzy type of sounds you hear in low-end NES games. The music on the other had isn't too bad. There is some original music for the new stages and it sounds alright as well.

The graphics are almost too intense.

Gameplay: 2/10
Oy vey! What the hell? This game plays really, really fast compared to every other version of Altered Beast out there (except the GBA version which is on speed). You are resorted to jumping by pressing UP and that can be really tough to get used to in a platform game. In fact I couldn't get past the bear stage (stage 4) because of gaping holes that could not be jumped over and ledges that could not be reached. In proper versions of this game, you can jump higher by pressing UP and JUMP at the same time. But since UP also acts as the jump button here, there is no way to do a high jump. I tried everything I could think of. No dice. When you punch or kick things, you have about an extra foot of reach in front of you than it appears onscreen. So you can actually kill enemies without even touching them at all (or so it seems). The new stage is kind of annoying and if you don't use your extra reach to your advantage you'll never defeat any enemies. They like to throw a lot of flying beasts at you which are all very tough to beat. Overall the play control is pretty sloppy and it is hard to reap much enjoyment out of this game.

This new stage looks like it came out of Ghouls n' Ghosts.

Wrap up:
A hilarious version of the game that's only worth playing in order to laugh at.

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