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Altered Beast
Sega Master System

Even the SMS version gets a great box cover.
I'm not sure which box I like better!

Not long before the Genesis was released in the US, Sega made a 2 meg version of Altered Beast for the Master System. It came out, but I knew that it would come with the Genesis so I didn't buy it. But I did rent it and I actually enjoyed it! But then again I was still embedded in the 8-bit world of videogames at the time.

Even the default hi-score is identical
to the arcade! Absolutely amazing!

Graphics: 5/10
Rating the graphics for this version is pretty hard. The characters are huge, there is lots of color, and everything remains pretty faithful to the arcade version. But then again everything moves so choppily that it is hard to play. So I'll rate the graphics right smack in the middle at 5. There is a moderate amount of flicker as well which will excite and stimulate you. But I keep telling myself that this is an 8-bit game, and it looks pretty damn good for an 8-bit game. When you defeat an enemy, they explode into a whole bunch of sprites just like the Sega Master System hit "Black Belt", though that was a cooler game. The two-headed wolves barely look like anything in this version. Oh well. This game does not support widescreen or any HDTV resolutions.

Why doesn't his fur catch on fire?

Sound: 6/10
While the beast music and the ending music are fantastic, the other music is super-mega-hyper-extra average. There is a weird "THWACK" type of sound effect when your enemies explode. Many of the voices are gone but they did manage to include a scream which sounds like your guy just stubbed his toe, "Power up!", an elephant's wail when you change into a werewolf (that's what it sounds like!) and Neff's laugh after he owns you by taking away your powers after you beat his ass (why doesn't he take them away from you AS you fight? Again Neff must be retarded). A fairly decent sound package for the Master System, and that's why I rate it the same as the Genesis version.


Gameplay: 4/10
As mentioned before, this game is really choppy. Amazingly I was able to beat it the first night I rented it, so it doesn't hinder the game play too bad. Well actually yes it does. In order to jump you must press the punch and kick buttons at the same time which is a pain. But most of the beasts and levels are here (they forgot to include round 3 which is the bear level). But it's just so damn choppy! Also you only have to power up twice instead of 3 times to become the beast. I enjoyed it while I had posession of the game, but even then I thought it was too choppy. The choppiness kills it. Also this version is only a single-player game. But I'm still a bit amazed at what they were able to pull off on this system!

Your guy changes into different colored clothes for
each level in a sad attempt to avoid going out of style.

Wrap up:
Get ready for a choppy-good time! Better than the NES version, at least.

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