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Well. I'm hoping that it's related to the ISP and not my modem. I switched out my new hard drive for the older hard drive that came with the laptop a month back (and I had never had issues with that one), but I still can't get onto the internet. After trying to repair the connection, it did state for me to contact my ISP. The only problem is I'm piggy backing off of some guy's unsecured network here in the building. I'm moving to Florida in a few months and so I didn't feel the need to established a year of DSL contract. The weird thing is I get a full, excellent connection message at 11mps, but it won't connect. I'll try taking the batteries out of my laptop, because I don't know how to remove my modem. It seems to be built-in. Thanks, Alucard.

I just removed my wireless PCI card, put it back together and the laptop still doesn't connect to the internet. Even though it states that I have an excellent connection, everytime I open IE or Morzilla it states that I'm not connected. I think I can remove the modem itself, but it's a lot more complicated. Should I go ahead and remove it then put it back like I did with the wireless PCI card? Do you still think this may help since the PCI card removal didn't work? I'm just going insane here.

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