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I have been using Paypal for over three years now. My experience with Paypal has been good and bad. The good part is that if the other party sends money, I don't have problems getting it. But if that party rips me, Paypal will never do a single thing about it. Case in point: I have had to file several complaints to Paypal when people don't pay up or ship their items to me after I had paid them with Paypal. After Paypal had gotten back to me at the conclusion of their investigations, and even though they found those parties to be at fault, they can't help me get back my money citing that those party has no money in their Paypal accounts, even though the accounts were linked to their checking accounts.

Anyway, to answer your question. I, too, have a regular account and have been receiving money without any problems. Here's how it work. Only accept payment from a checking account linked Paypal account. Don't accept any credit card Paypal payment. Tell the people you are dealing with that you will only ship to the verified address on their Paypal account. If their Paypal account is linked with their checking account and also have a credit card as a second backup, you will received the payment immediately. If not, then you have to wait 3-5 business days for the funds to clear on the other end while it's sitting on your Paypal account. After you received the funds and they cleared, you can transfer the amount to your checking account without charges.

I hope that help, my friend. If not, just post here and I'll try to answer any other questions you may have.

On a different note. I just purchased a new Dell Inspiron 8600 laptop and am having problems getting to any paypal website. I keep getting the "website not found" error message. I'm running Zone Alarm, Popup Stopper, Norton Internet Security, and Cachman, but have turned all those off and I still can't get to any paypal links at all. I even downloaded Morzilla 1.6 and Morzilla Firefox but both couldn't get to the or https:\\ or any paypal link at all. I thought people recommended the two Morzillas over Netscape 7.1 and IE6, but I'm now thinking about removing them from my computer and going back to IE6. Does anybody have a clue what's going on? I have also set my IE6 to accept all cookies, cleared out my cache and cookies and still have no luck. My two years old desktop (running Windows XP as well) has no problems getting to any of the Paypal website. This is very unsettling since I can't access my account when I'm away from home. Any help or idea to solve this problem will greatly be appreciated.
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