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Yeah, well, the only problem with that is that RPGs take time and I don't have as much these days. Furthermore, I've stored my Genesis well away so it would be a chore to dig it out and set it up. Let's just say that I'm content with watching a couple of 'preview' videos of new stuff and not even bothering, sadly. Rare is the occassion that I purchase a new game. My Wii and X360 just sit there occupying room (I didn't even purchase them; they were gifts).

I hope you've been doing ok. Sorry if I struggle with my words; I don't quite know what to say. You were always entertaining. In fact I very much doubt that I would've kept up doing all those reviews without your input (and everybody else). Gearhound, Drunken Savior, Seska, Paper, Sinful Sam, and so many others. Man, 110 pages. That's no small feat! Kudos for such dedication.

Things seem to have settled down as far as debating goes; not as many trolls around here as there used to be. Heh, I certainly did some trolling of my own on occasion. All those feuds over Sony vs Nintendo = huge waste of time. Nowadays it's pointless to debate such things. You can find good software everywhere these days: game consoles, portables, PC, phones, etc. It's truly become a mass media industry. Arrrgh, too many choices!
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