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Originally Posted by seraph830
I think his review was fair. I think RE4 was great and will write my own review on it eventually, but you always have to keep in mind when you review a game: "what was this game supposed to be".

Since RE4 is more action than it is horror, if you try to review it from a horror standpoint its going to fall short. You could say its "generic" but isnt everything? As long as it entertains you i think its ok
Frankly, I don't like action games most of the time. They ultimately end up being repetitive, since you keep doing the same attacks over and over again. RE4 does have a few puzzles, but they are incredibly easy to solve and there just aren't enough for a 20 hour game. There is just too much shooting. At least in other combatfest games like X-men Legends or Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles, you can enjoy it with your friends.

I just found the first 10 minutes to be much more enjoyable than the last 10 hours.

I already gave you guys a couple examples why I think the story doesn't cut it. Instead of focusing on the horrors and tragedies of how the people got infected, it focuses on Ashley. Then they throw in a whole bunch of reasons that don't make sense and I've lost all respect for the story.

I don't see why the game deserves praise, when you look at it beyond the graphics.
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