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I hate race washing and sex washing. It's what i'm gonna say. I didn't hate Capaldi's seasons either, though the first one was meh.

But i certainly ain't excited with this. They should have picked a young guy and give it a new jump start with the new writer. This can possibly spell doom for the show... and what for? The fans didn't ask for it. It was caving to outside pressures. Let's hope the series doesn't pay the price for it.

On that note i hated what they did with MJ in spiderman homecoming (watched it recently). This crap has got to stop. You can't change established characters and disrespect their legacy to appeased social nazi's. That is not the way for equality.

And btw Jodie wittaker looks like a very good actress, it's just a shame how this all goes down.

If you want to see how dumb this can become... imagine if Riversong comes back, or gets a new regenaration. What happens then? Will we have 2 women making out... or does she regenarate into a guy. Awkward or what?! Geez...
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