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Well, i don't know if they are backwards compatable on Xbox1, but i can think of a few not widely available:

Otogi 1/2
Gun valkyrie
Panzer dragoon orta (this one is on backwards. I got it. Though it was unplayable for many years until they patched the crashing on level 3).
Toe Jam and Earl 3
SEGA GT 2002
Crazy Taxi 3
Outrun 2
Spikeout: Battle street

With that said, it falls to SEGA to port these things to modern systems. They might not have the licenses in some cases though, so i guess this emulation thing will be good for it.

You know... i never heard of Spikeout until i looked this stuff up. It is shocking to me that they would do such a game instead of a Streets of Rage.
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