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New PS5 Leak Claims to Reveal Massive New Features

For the Store feature, not sure how's that possible without downloading codes? Maybe something like the Playstation Now steaming feature built-in to the store?

New PS5 Leak Claims to Reveal Massive New Features

The PS5 is scheduled to release sometime this holiday season, yet it's now May and we still know virtually nothing about the console other than what its controller looks like and what its specs are. This should change soon though. In fact, according to Internet scuttlebutt, not only does Sony still have a console and game reveals up its sleeve, but plenty of secret features to reveal and detail as well. That said, one of these secret new features may have just been prematurely revealed.
A new PS5 "leak" has surfaced online claiming to reveal an unannounced and huge new feature of the next-generation PlayStation console. The rumor comes way of PS5 Only, who relays word of an impressive new PlayStation Store feature. According to the report, the PS5 will ship with a new PlayStation Store interface that will allow players to try every game on the storefront before buying them. Not only that, but shoppers will be able to try out these games instantly, with no traditional downloading required. In other words, you would be able to play a game within a few seconds -- with zero waiting time -- before you decide to purchase it.
If this is true, it would be a huge new feature for the PS5. It would essentially mean every game on the PlayStation Store would come with a free demo, which isn't the case on the PS4. In fact, it's very uncommon for a game on the storefront to come with a demo.

RDNA 2.5? Rumor says PS5 to include some exclusive RDNA 3 features

Will the PS5 pack some exclusive tech not seen on the Xbox One Series X? (Source: ConceptCreator)Will the PS5 pack some exclusive tech not seen on the Xbox One Series X? (Source: ConceptCreator)
The latest hot PS5 rumor suggests that AMD may have given Sony special access to graphics technologies further up the pipestream than it has offered Microsoft. If true, this could result in more efficient graphics performance and rendering than its 10.28 teraflops of rated performance might suggest.

PlayStation insider @Tidux spilled some new potential PS5 details that have set the blogosphere alight. It has been well documented that the PS5 has less raw processing power than the Xbox Series X (10.28 teraflops versus 12 teraflops), but all may not appear to be equal. Although both consoles are using AMD’s forthcoming RDNA 2 architecture at their core it is being suggested that Sony will have some exclusive architectural features not found on the Xbox Series X.

According to @Tidux, the Sony PS5 will also include some AMD RDNA 3 tech as well. What this means exactly isn’t clear, but it is not unheard of for Sony to get access to AMD technology further up the pipeline. For example, the PS4 had some architectural features from the Vega architecture that weren’t seen in consumer GPUs until around 12 months later. Whatever it the tech is, is less likely to be connected to the physical design of the PS5’s 36 compute units (although that is possible) but more likely to do with rendering and instruction sets.

For example, the PS5 fully supports RDNA’s Variable Rate Shading technology that increases resolution in certain sections of a frame while reducing it in others where it isn’t required or noticeable. This maximizes the visual fidelity while fully utilizing the processing power on hand. RNDA 2 and RDNA’s architectural changes have been focused on reducing instruction sets and latency and this is more likely the type of early access to RDNA 3 that Sony will be able to incorporate in the PS5, if the rumor has any truth to it.

What it all ultimately might mean is that it might be very difficult to discern that the Xbox One Series X has any graphical advantage over the PS5 in practice, a theme that seems to be repeating itself.
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