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Metamorphic Force

This is the title screen.

Metamorphic Force is a Final Fight type brawler that was released by Konami exclusively to arcades in 1993. Hooray for them and everyone else in the world.

Even with fur you can see muscle definition on each and every
one of the beasts. Also, as you can see you play in Isreal.

Graphics: 7/10
The graphics are fairly decent, but the color scheme might give some people headaches, and many strong and conficting colors are often used. Bright pink on bright blue? Ouch, my eyeballs! Looks like a typical Neo Geo game.

The game lets you know when you are about to die so you
can start looking around the room for other games to play.

Likewise since the programmers know that you are about to
fall asleep, they put ATTACK signs with arrows on the enemies.

Sound: 5/10
The sound and music is of pretty good quality, but none of the tunes are anything you'd want to listen to on their own. No strong melodies here. There are some voices with the typical reverb they like to add to arcade games. Sounds like a typical Neo Geo game.

Watch out for the giant ice man who spits a bunch
of bee/crab/scorpions at you! Ouch my eyeballs!

Gameplay: 4/10
The goal of the game is to win and not die. You start out as a human and then turn into Altered Beast, only not as cool. You are even awakened by a God(ess) just like All-turd Beast. And just like Golden Axe some dude runs around with a baggy and drops stuff when you attack him, and then comes back for more. This game does not have one original thought. It is very repetitive and I can see why they never bothered to release it on a home platform. Don't be surprised if this shows up in some sort of "Konami Memories" compilation, though. Plays like a typical (early) Neo Geo game.

The werewolf has decided to jump off a cliff and commit suicide
in order to end the boredom and repetition of his world.

Wrap up:
If you ever wondered what Konami could do on the Neo Geo, look no further than this game! It swear it uses the same engine as Ninja Combat. The only thing is that this ISN'T a Neo Geo game, if you can believe that.

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