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This paypal stuff has me a bit confused as well. Recently I got payment through paypal from a verified credit card, with a confirmed address. AFAIK, I recieved notification on the 28th of april, and as soon as I hit accept and upgraded to premium, the funds were deposited in my paypal account, withuot this 3-5 day clearing stuff.

Then again I dont have a bank account linked to my paypal account, nor do I intend to - Ill just use the funds in paypal to pay for online auction costs and such. If the bid won exceeds the paypal funds, it jsut takes the rest out of my credit card.

And to Spiff: I guess those 3.2 bux were the fees paypal charges you to recieve funds. When selling stuff on ebay, I usually put in the payment conditions for people to add 2 bucks if they want to make the payment through paypal, to cover for currency conversion and comission fees.
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