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It looks fine. The graphics are fine. What i'm worried about are animations and the gameplay itself. Is this game still slated for this year? I don't believe it can make it. The animations are getting better but still a bit rough from the leaked GDC footage.
We have seen nothing of the combat system and i think FREE is an undertaking too big for the team. I do think they will go with something more like Yakuza in style.

But, most of all, this game will be met with negativity because it can't possibly hold out to the big budget releases the predecessors got.

So, yeah... i'm worried because i really want it to go well, but i know it's not gonna.

Why couldn't SEGA just have had the Yakuza team work on it with Yu advising? At least we would know it would be a complete game. They got an engine for this sort of game already and lots of animations already developed.

Ah well... i think i'm worrying too much. Fingers crossed.
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