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Originally Posted by Joe Redifer View Post

Vegetto, would you say that Final Fantasy is different than what you describe? I only ask that because that is an RPG and not an MMORPG. I would call this an action game with RPG elements.

I was replying to Alucards "Oh yeah, that makes up for all the pointless levelling up!" since he likes the dungeon crawling games of the top down style like Diablo which is pretty much the same thing as in gaining levels and LOOOT, I know Diablo has story though,but a lot of those types of games have pretty much zero story.

and to answer your question: Final Fantasy has like zero (especially 12) involvement in combat AT ALL, top down style like Diablo has more depth and involvement, i'm saying Demon Souls is complete user involvement (hence action game with RPG elements), you have to do everything yourself which is why its so appealing, to me at least, I love the type of games where you're in complete control like these.

I finally snagged me a PS3 slim and i'll definitely be getting this game, i've been wanting it since day one.
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