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Originally Posted by darren316 View Post
thats because i bet you are playing with the patch that fixed the control issue? .. and still after the patch its sluggish with a slight dead zone on the stick
hrmm, never played the demo so I assume thats the case then since I was expecting horrid controls after 2-3 of you in here commenting on it.

I tweaked the sensitivity to 15-20% cause default had to much whip but after that I think the controls have been nearly spot-on. I've only played the first 3 chapters though.

I'm rather impressed with some of the AI as well. Even with the sniper rifle, they will strafe or shift cover if you take more than a second or two zeroing in.

Still, KZ2 looks to be just another quality shooter that the story is just filler and training for their excellent multiplayer. Like Halo, Gears, Resistance, CoD before it.. I don't understand the FPS genre hype.
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