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Originally Posted by darren316 View Post
no idea mate .. its still in the shrink wrapping .. want to finish fallout 3 and Valkyria Chronicles before i start that one.
Chances of you liking Fallout 3 enough to finish it are slim considering how much you hated Oblivion mate.

Last game i bought was PGR4 new for 10, bargain. I finished all the Q4 rush games, Forza 2 was ages ago and i needed a racing game fix, GT5P didnt count cos it was just a 20 demo.

Originally Posted by Drunken Savior View Post
I've heard so much about that game. Some praise it and some dismiss it. What are your thoughts on the new PoP?
I'll give you my thoughts. Its very ordinary, it claims to be an open world but its not, really its just a series of obstacle courses linked together by a central hub.

The charachters, the prince and his bird are incredibly annoying, the fighting is simply awful its rigid, boring and constantly broken up by QTEs, why they didnt keep a similar fighting system to the previos three games i will never understand.

The cell shading look nice but once youve gotten over that all thats left to entertain you are the acrobatics which get boring quiclky because making your way through spaces is very linear.

The other jarring thing is it suffers from the same thing that Assasins Creed did (same engine , same mistakes). You just do the same things over and over again. Get to a level, cleanse the level, collect the orbs, return to the hub and repeat.

If you really must then rent it, dont buy it.
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