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Originally Posted by Joe Redifer View Post
WiiFit? Please, you can't be serious. It has sold assloads in the UK, though. Also, why is the UK getting all of the Nintendo games first lately?
I find that lately I get bored of traditional games. How many times have I bought the same game in a different outfit? After playing games for almost 20 years, I feel the industry is full of genres that are just tired. While I still get enjoyment out of these traditional games, its new unique games like WiiFit that get me truly excited.

I’m also into get-up-and-play games like DDR, Wii Sports, ect…I also have the false dream that it will be an easy fix to get skinny : (

EDIT: I dont want to come off as turning into an Icarus, dont worry guys I still like normal games. :)

The UK is getting these games becuase the have to wait for the megaendallbestgamesinceocarinaoftime11outof10 smash brawl.

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