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Among homeless people? I don't get it. Instead of the token "Nice review" (stating the obvious), I'll just say I agree with most everything said. The fuzzy look you referred to is basically like those old Rare renders for DKC2 on up ...over a decade later. While it doesn't really have much in terms of 'classic' compositions, the music really enhances an already extremely enjoyable game that much more and can certainly hold up to other current software on any platform.

Have you played Contra 4 yet? It's pretty cool. Also, I heard the soundtrack for The Dracula X Chronicles on PSP, and while it's good it doesn't quite hold up to the original done by Konami Kukeiha Club. The OutRun 20th Anniversary Box is supreme. One thing I noticed is that the arcade and genesis music sounds quite a bit more fuller and clear, which I like.
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