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Virtua Fighter 5 Online
Xbox 360

It's a game box, what can I say?

It's a fact that everyone loves Virtua Fighter games more than all other games. Its also a fact that the Playstation 3 is selling worse than chocolate-coated cat testicles. The Xbox360 is a huge seller since people usually buy 3 or 4 of them due to its incompetent design. So it's only logical that Virtua Fighter 5 would abandon Sony and further take a huge dump on them by offering Xbox 360 players ONLINE PLAY! OMG!!!!! As you know, online is the future of gaming. Everyone who's anyone is all about the 1337 online play. Single player games should be illegal.

You've got 18 characters to choose from now. What kind of sucks is that you are asked to choose
player data before picking your character. This makes choosing a character a bit more cumbersome
as you must go and choose "play without using data" before every match in two player mode.

Story: ?/10
I don't think there really is a story. The manual insists otherwise, but there's nothing in the game that has anything even remotely to do with a story. The characters have no endings at all, it goes straight to credits when you beat it. If you want to know how the story turns out in this game, read the manual when Virtua Fighter 6 comes out. Arcade-style games like this don't really need stories, though ending sequences would be nice.

This game endorses punching women in the face. If you play it, then so do you.

Graphics: 8/10
Virtua Fighter 5 runs natively at 1280x720 (720p), which is even better than the 32X version of the original. It looks pretty bitchin'. Everything seems really, really shiny and that is a bit odd, but otherwise it's all ace. The characters even have reflections in water and shiny floors, which is something that Tecmo seems unable to do with their shitty graphic engines. Maybe someday they'll learn. The textures and all that crap are very good, and the game runs at 60fps without slowing down or dropping frames. Most of the environments look gorgeous. I like the water splashing and the snow flying, etc. What absolutely blows my mind is that there isn't any v-sync tearing at all! This is the Xbox 360 we're talking about. Leave it to the Japanese to do what Western programmers are much too incompetent to do.

Vanessa here opted for the typical "cantaloupe halves under the skin" style of breast implants.

Sound: 7/10
The sounds are pretty much the same as Virtua Fighter 4 with some new phrases added in by the same actors (as far as I can tell). Happily, the music is legions better than part 4. Each stage has a unique theme whereas VF4 was pretty much just generic electric guitar tunes that only promoted boredom. For example Lau's Great Wall stage sounds very reminiscent of something you might hear in Shenmue 2, and Wolf's winter stage reminds me of something that might be in Out Run 2. Of course there are many musical selections that don't remind me of something else, but at least the soundtrack has character. Even the menus and whatnot have pleasant music. Virtua Fighter games haven't had memorable music since part 2, so this is good. There are also some 5.1 surround effects that are kind of cool, but nothing mindblowing.

Shun still rocks. He never holds the bottles when he drinks, but he goes through the motions.

Gameplay: 8/10
This game is quite addictive and fun. The gameplay is far less stiff than part 4. But like that game, this features a "Quest" mode where you earn extra costumes and orbs and other useless crap. There isn't any story in Quest mode, you're just trying to beat other players at an arcade machine in a fantasy world where the only game at every arcade is Virtua Fighter 5. Many players suck, while others are quite good. Keep playing to increase your rank and get cash to buy useless junk. You can participate in tournaments and the like. It's not very in depth, but it is still pretty enjoyable. Two new characters, Eileen and El Blaze, join the roster. Still missing is the fat sumo guy from VF3. If you've played any Virtua Fighter game before, then you pretty much know how this plays (though the jumps from parts 1 and 2 are gone). This one feels more fluid than the past games. I haven't played the online mode because I REFUSE to play for Xbox Live Gold, but I was able to download some cool replays with my Silver account that other people uploaded.

Ryu, errr, I mean Akira here is extremely excited that he won a match.

Wrap up:
The Playstation 3 version is probably exactly the same, minus the online stuff. If you like Virtua Fighter games, it is definitely worth picking up... especially for only $39.99.

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