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It is not. The puzzles are a lot harder and more fun. You just brought a valid point Messta and I think it something none of HP haters and TP lovers can answer, sense they loved TP based on fanboyism and hype to begin with. The game is more challenging than TP if the higher verity of enemies and very good boss fights weren’t enough than the new control helps it. In TP you start as a master if you manage to play any of the older 3D Zelda games sense it controlled exactly the same and most of it items are available in these games with the same usage method. Hardly anything new to master and no new enemies even the old once have almost the exact pattern that they had before. I am telling you if you loved TP and hated HP then you are biased in my book. Heck, anyone who complains about something in a game and completely ignores it in the other game even if it has it worst is definitely one and a retard too!
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