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You clearly trying to hate it when you played the game. The graphics are the strongest for NDS as of yet and very close to the NGC game windwaker. You just hated the art style not something that would make the game look bad. But knowing you you mostly said what you said for a joke. The sailing are no way slow. You can go through the whole map on the game on few minutes. It only takes few seconds to reach your destination and they are usually close to you. There are shortcuts, which you get very early on the game and just when there start to be areas in different places that needs to be explored. Not only that but the shortcuts put you in places very close to all islands. You are giving people wrong impression of the game with your exaggerated comment about sailing.
About your hand problem, didn't find it a problem with NDS lite style. I can see that problem in the original NDS style though.

Honestly, you complained about some ridicules mean less stuff and make big deals out of it even if some of them hardly exists. You wouldn't enjoy games if you keep doing that. Being negative is lame and going to harm you the most nor would you sound any cooler sense everyone is doing it.
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