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Originally Posted by Mistatee
And as for WD changing the game mechanics, its usually for the better. A lot of the time, the games they make harder really need it, seeing as they are easy enough after the changes. However Lunar 2 on Sega CD is a pretty poor job done by them.
You are the only one who felt that way. And how about Thunder Force 5, where they simply removed the easier difficulties? I mean, they were an option in Japan, but in America, you're just going to suffer and like it.

BTW, in Lunar 2 for Sega CD, I became permanently stuck in the ghost house when my magic dude refused to learn the healing spell required to kill some of the enemies. I never could find an explanation in the FAQs and what have you.
So, as far as I am concerned, Lunar 2 is only half a game or so. ~
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