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Originally Posted by Icarus4578
Popful Mail is pretty fun. Did you know they had a PC-98 version? Basically it sucks. Horrible framerate, lousy controls, and slightly above 8-bit sound quality. Then again it came out beforehand and it's on a weaker system (computer), just like Ys I & II.
Pssh, What more can you expect from the PC-98, a computer with a gaming libarary that consists mostly of porn & hentai games.
Falcom games are practically the only good non pornographic titles released on the PC-98.
Brandish 3 is thy only reason to cop a PC-98.


It took untill the 3rd game,but Alexis is finally playable in the 3rd installment.


Hardcore Action Rpg dungeon crawling & T&A at it's finest... damn they just don't make 'em as ILL as Brandish 3 these days.
As with all Falcom games the soundtrack kicks ass.
(Typical Falcom rock, but typical Falcom rock is phenomonal when compared to all the BS bgm I hear in todays current games.)
I would've posted gameplay shots,but I don't have an f'ng install disk.

Wrap up:
Urban Reign is not made by Rockstar or any of those lame companies who make all of those crime games. It is made by Japanese developer Namco, so that alone should be enough to warrant a second look. It's why I took a second look, and I'm really glad I did. Definitely the best beat-em-up of this generation.
It's about goddamn time somebody in the world recognized how ILL Urban Reign was.
This game only got hated on, because most mainstream reviewers are f'ng cry babies who whine everytime they die in a video game.
(They also don't understand how to play beat em ups/fighting games.)
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