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Originally Posted by Joe Redifer
Is there a demo for Oblivion? I hear peole talking about it, but I've never seen a single screen shot. Also I am not into online games. Is it one o' them massively online multiplayer games?
No there's no demo as far as I know of. Also its not online at all(well besides downloading a few extras) and completely single player. It plays almost like a FPS in medevil times and has tons of quests, caves/fortresses/shrines to explore, characters to create, and..... oh yeah.. the main quest. Honestly you'll get so wrapped up in exploring that you may forget about the main quest.


Originally Posted by someTHING
also i HATE how ui make the 360's play list!! its the most horrible thing of my life!! is it POSSIBLE to add songs to a play list or do u have to make a new one every time?!?!
Since when was there a play list? All I do is burn my songs to a CD and rip them to the hard drive. They all are sorted by song, artist, ect. and are pretty easy to access.

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