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Originally Posted by Joe Redifer
I honestly don't think this game could be done on the NES, Genesis, SNES or even the TurboGrafx-16!
oh im sure it can with a little bit of moddifications!

also does this game have cussing in it? people say no but i dont believe them.

another question...... i dont like there bieng one file because then my brother will want to play it... but bieng a 360 he wont want to play it!... he gets mad if i find a good 360 game

also i HATE how ui make the 360's play list!! its the most horrible thing of my life!! is it POSSIBLE to add songs to a play list or do u have to make a new one every time?!?!

and how is the multiplayer on this game? what would u rate it on a scale from 1-100? cuz i like multi-player and if u give it more than 40 i'll try it
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