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Dead Rising
Xbox 360

The box artwork is a little too busy, but oh well.

Dead Rising is the first "must have" game on the Xbox 360... by far. Pretty much everything else on the console we've all played countless times before with ever-so-slightly inferior graphics. But Dead Rising is not a first person shooter (thank you, black Jesus), it isn't a Tom Clancy game, it isn't Tony Hawk nor is it a sports game. Instead, this is a good game. Capcom had a crazy idea to go ahead and make some good games instead of most of the mundane nonsense we've been dealing with for the past 5 or 6 years or so. Most gamers hate good games. Instead they like Tom Clancy, John Madden and Electronics Boutique/GameStop. This game is for players who like videogames. And what a videogame it is!

Lots of cool stuff to fight with at the hardware store! Spray zombies with a fire extinguisher,
watch them stumble around blindly and take their picture for tons of experience!

Story: 5/10
The story is revealed by playing through the 72 hour mode and solving/being present for all of the cases. Without giving any of the story away, I can tell you that it is about zombies in the fake town of Willamette, Colorado and they all seem to want to gather at the shopping mall where you are trapped. The story itself is rather mundane. It's good enough to make you want to see how it ends, but it's not something you'll remember with fondness. In fact I think the game takes the story a bit too seriously. The story should be more tongue-in-cheek. I think it should have been something like everyone in town was playing a free Tom Clancy game they received in the mail, got bored beyond the limitations of the human body and thus naturally turned into zombies. Or something like that. But no, the game gets a bit preachy instead. Blah. I guess the truth about the effect of Tom Clancy games will never be revealed.

Jessie is teh hawtness. But you know she and Brad must have something going on.
Stereotypes don't come from thin air. Even her boobs are motion captured.

Graphics: 8/10
The graphics are good. Should I go into more detail? OK. The graphics are really good. More? Well remember how the NES, Genesis, SNES etc would all slow down when there were too many sprites onscreen at once? Anything over 70 or so sprites and you'd feel the sluggishness. Well Dead Rising puts a lot more than 70 independent objects on the screen simultaneously with NO SLOWDOWN! I honestly don't think this game could be done on the NES, Genesis, SNES or even the TurboGrafx-16! Now you're playing with power! Get in the car, drive into the "maintenance tunnel" where there must be zombie raves going on because there are literally thousands of them down there. Smash through with your car and they go flying! No slowdown! The textures of the stores in the mall and everything else look fantastic and sharp. There are probably only about 20 or so different zombie models, so you'll be seeing the same ones A LOT. The graphics score goes down one point because of this. The game moves along at a steady 30fps which is fine with me. There really isn't any V-SYNC tearing... except when you are in the car crushing hundreds of zombies and you turn, then you'll see a little bit. The Xbox 360 is absolutely notorious for piss-poor V-SYNC and to see a game that doesn't really have V-SYNC issues is like dinner at Outback Steakhouse for free. Lots of people bitch about the small text because they can't read it without an HDTV. For fun I switched my Xbox 360 resolution to 480i and I could still read the text. It was more difficult but I could make it out. Hold on, the phone is ringing... OK I'm back. It was the Pope. He said that individuals who do not own an HDTV do not count as real people. So there you have it!

Most boss fights are optional. But killing this guy will get you what could be considered the best weapons
in the game. Also just about every non-zombie in the game is a complete psychopath like Adam here.

Sound: 7/10
The sound effects in this game are very, very good. You actually believe you are swinging a sword or running over zombies with a lawnmower. Dolby Digital 5.1 is used and when you swing the camera around it effects what speakers make what noise so you can always tell what is around you. Even the subwoofer is used at some points. The voice acting is very well done for the most part, and the voices believably match each character they represent. There isn't too much music in this game. You do have the quiet mall music which is cool because usually you'd expect something dark and gloomy to bash zombies to. Instead it sounds like you're in a real mall, complete with PA announcements about upcoming mall events. There is boss music and it is OK, but nothing memorable. There are a few songs and they all pretty much suck ass to the extreme. For example the "music" that plays in Leisure Park while the convicts are roaming around is probably some of the worst music in any videogame ever. It includes the brilliant lyrics like "Fat cup of piss" which is what I assume the song is called. The most talented songwriters in the world must have collaborated together for months to come up with such touching lyrics. It makes you want to kill the convicts just so you don't have to listen to that nonsense any more, but they respawn and bring their crappy music back with them. It is songs like this that make me hate rap. The sound score goes down a point because of this song. The end credits song isn't bad, though. I am surprised that Rob Zombie's "Dragula" isn't in the game, especially since it was written and performed by a real zombie!

Head to the maintenance tunnel for some true zombie massacre. But if your vehicle breaks
down, then you are in it pretty deep. For fun, try to fight your way out bare-fisted.

Gameplay: 9/10
This game is just too fun. I know videogames aren't supposed to be fun this generation, but this one is. You'll actually play this more than once. In fact you'll have to. Lots of people bitch and moan endlessly about the single save slot. Those people are goddamned pussies. This really didn't bother me in the slightest. When you "Save & Quit" you automatically go back to the beginning of the game no matter what, but you keep your level and status. I don't think you can get a good ending by playing it through without restarting at least once or twice. The game counts your zombie kills for your current playthrough and when I first beat the 72 hour mode I had killed over 8,000 zombies. The second time through I killed over 55,000 which is more than the entire town's population. But then again I imagine the town has a lot of "illegal immigrants" who are not counted in the official census because there were still thousands and thousands of zombies left after my 55,000th kill. You can use almost anything in the mall as a weapon and that totally rawkz hardc0re d00d! You can use a giant stuffed bear (yes, you can eventually kill a zombie with it if you keep hammering away), a bench, a katana, an UZI which just happens to be lying around the mall, a sickle, a motorcycle, a baseball bat, an HDTV and much, much more. It's great fun to see what the different items do. You can even bust open trash cans to find items and weapons. It is crazy what people seem to throw away (loaded handguns, bowling balls, etc). All items eventually run out of ammo. For example a baseball bat can only be used 20 times or so before it runs out of ammo and suddenly you can't use it anymore. If you have certain books in your inventory, the ammo of many different items is increased. That's pretty messed up. I don't like books.

Later on in the game you'll be attacked by crazy raincoat wearing cultists. Zombies have no interest in attacking the cultists for some reason (and I really want to know why that is), and they are much harder to kill than the zombies. Why there are cultists in a zombie-filled mall (and convicts, for that matter) is never explained and their inclusion is kind of retarded, like Tom Clancy. But it just gives you a new challenge so it doesn't get too repetitive. Amazingly enough, the last day of the 72 hour mode is September 22, which is the same day I first beat the 72 hour mode on. Unfortunately the game doesn't quite have the daylight hours right since I can look out my window (I am in Colorado, after all) to see when it starts getting dark on that same date. It gets way too dark too early. And around 6:00pm it is much harder to see in Leisure Park than it is at midnight. And at 10:00pm all of the lights inside the mall shut off completely, which is just stupid. Real malls keep their lights on 24/7 for cleaning and security reasons. If they ever go off, they need to be shut off manually at the breaker box. That said, I want my lights! But even when this game gets frustrating, I keep coming back for more. And more and more and more. This is unusual for me, because usually when a game defeats me, I turn it off and do something else. But this game retains my interest. The game takes about 6 hours (72 game hours) to complete and then there is an Overtime mode where you must hunt for certain things. After that there is an infinity mode where all you do is try to survive. These modes are a bit tacked on, but they add a little bit of value. Did I mention that as a photographer you can take pictures, too? Yup. You earn "prestige points", or experience by doing this. For example a cleavage shot gives you more experience than a picture of someone being eaten. Go figure. Overall the game is fantastic fun to play and you suck if you don't agree with my assessment.

Cletus here is typical of certain Americans who "love their guns" more than just about anything. He loves
the booze, too. Take advantage of his alcohol addiction to shoot him in the face as he chugs away.

Wrap up:
Hell yeah! You must own this game. It is probably my favorite game of the year so far. I can't think of anything else that was released this year that even approaches the fun and quality of this game. Dressing up as Mega Man is a blast, especially once you unlock the real Mega Blaster! Way too cool. I can't wait for Lost Planet!

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