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Profit figures for Microsoft/Nintendo/Sony

Companies come and go, but the winners stay constant, they make our games, detemine our fixes, and work out our new technology. But who is the actual "winner" of the great gaming battle in 2004? Is it determined by how many systems they sell? How cool thier games were? Is there some kind of facts we can go by? There is, we call them Economics.

Most important thing you can base the winner by is thier profits, or how much money did they make in the year that they didn't already spend to make the money. Oddly enough, despite Sony grossing in the most cash last year, they're actually the #1 losers of the the war, where Microsoft came in at a surprising (or maybe not so surprising) First Place.

That's right, it's wierd, Microsoft sells less then Sony, and Nintendo less then either system, yet Sony comes in last? Why? Well, read on to find out.

Click Below to read more. Source Article -

Microsoft: $34.27 billion
Nintendo: $4.26 billion
Sony: $63.23 billion

Microsoft: $8.88 billion
Nintendo: $0.57 billion
Sony: $0.98 billion

Since I'm on a roll with this... the Winner, is Microsoft, damn you Bill Gates, followed closely in second by Nintendo, with Sony way behind at third. How did I come up with this? Let's look at it with pure logic, disreguarding fandoms. Please do note I tend to lean towards Nintendo, though I'm claiming Microsoft the winner.

Microsoft Operated at an operating cost of 25.39 billion dollars. This means it cost that much to pay employees, develop technology, market products, and everything else, this money was covered int the budget. With a sales of 34.27 Billion, and a profit of 8.88 billion, Microsoft scored nearly a 25% claim for profit. That means 25% of what they made went back into the company, or into a CEOs pocket for the next year...

Nintendo operated at 3.69 Billion Dollars, this includes marketing, payroll, manufacturing aneverything else (yet they still brought us all the games we saw this year, AND the DS.) They claimed sales of 4.26 Billion dollars and a total profit of 570 million dollars, or .57 billion dollars. This means they had a profit of about 12.5% of thier budget, this money going back into the company or to a CEO, and in Nintendo's case, it usually goes into project treehouse, aka, the development team.

Sony operated at a cost of 62.25 Billion dollars (yikes... did that go into making PSPs or commercials?). THey claimed sales of 63.23 billion, by far the largest sales, yet only a profit of .98 billion dollars! this means they only turned a profit of 1.5%!

That places us at:
Microsoft: 25% Profit
Nintendo: 12.5% Profit
Sony: 1.5% Profit

This isn't a fan statement, or an opinion, it's a fact, the company actually swimming in the deep end right now is Sony, and they're forgetting how to swim. -Seraphna
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