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Much obliged.

The King of Fighters Evolution
Sega Dreamcast

The packaging isn't too shabby. The manual is even in color.
That guy wants your body. Bad.

This was a discount title released for the Sega Dreamcast here in the US. It was priced at $20 brand new right when it came out, so I figured I couldn't do too wrong, since I at least marginally enjoyed past King of Fighters games on the Sega Saturn.

You can select the order of your characters before each match.
That's about as much depth as this game offers.

Story: 1/10
Once again invitations have been delivered to the fighters throughout the world. But this time, something seems a bit peculiar... blah blah blah... who cares?

This game has a feature called "Graphics" which enables you
to see what you are doing when playing the game.
A television is required to utilize this feature.

Graphics: 3/10
The graphics in the King of Fighters series of games have never been thought of as "great" or "cutting edge", even back when they were brand new on the Neo Geo. The graphics here are all Neo Geo quality with the exception of 3D backgrounds which were added for the Dreamcast. It seems that SNK/Agetec went out of their way to turn OFF the anti-aliasing feature built into the Dreamcast, because the jaggies are here big time. But the low resulution doesn't help, either. That's right, this game runs in 240p on your NTSC or PAL TV. If you play it on an HDTV, it converts the 240p to 480i, which makes the game look even WORSE (re: blocky)! The game does not support the VGA box (no 240p games do). So playing the game on a regular TV will give you the best results, and it does utilize progressive scan on any TV (except HDTVs). The 3D backgrounds are somewhat interesting and do add a little flavor. The sprites look the same as they do in almost every other King of Fighters game. Mai "bounces", but it is a bit unrealistic. She is still hot for a video game sprite, though. But overall the graphics are pretty ugly. But it's KoF, what did you expect? The display can be moved around in the option screen, and you can position the score and the striker bar as far up or down on the screen as you like. A nice feature indeed.

You can call in your striker to help out in an obvious
attempt to rip off some of the VS Capcom fighters.

Sound: 7/10
Typical arranged "CD-quality" King of Fighters fare here. Some of the music is really good. Some of it is pretty bad. But mostly it is "just there", so to speak. The voices are all present and sound fairly clear, as do the hits and special movies, etc. The game is featured in stereo. There's not too much else to be said about the sound or the music.

The screen can get crowded when both characters have their strikers on the screen.
This is the most exciting moment that has ever happened to me in this game.

Gameplay: 6/10
I've always preferred the Capcom series of fighters over any of the SNK fighters. King of Fighters has fewer attack buttons, stiffer control, and less-than-exciting gameplay. This game brings all that with it. But this game lets you select up to 4 chaaracters, each fighting one round (or more if they win). The fourth character is used as the "Striker", the person who comes in when you call them and sometimes they will help fight for a brief amount of time. Kind of neat, I suppose. Plugging in a Sega Saturn controller makes the gameplay so much better. Buttons X, Y, A, & B are used for punches and kicks. Button C is used to taunt (why? this is a stupid feature in almost all fighting games) and Z is used to call in your striker to help you. There are a few different gameplay modes, but there really isn't a whole heck of a lot of variety here. Oh well. I am getting bored writing about this game now so I will try to stop.

The winning character comes on after each match and says something nonsensical.
It's almost as if the developers of the game actually believed that gamers would care.

If you record the game onto a videotape and play it back,
you can fast forward through the boring parts like shown here.
It helps when you are trying to do screen captures for a review.

Wrap up:
Not too bad for a $20 game back in the day. But still, don't get your hopes too high, as this game will spend most of it's time sitting on the shelf rather than being played.

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