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Heavy Rain – PS3

Story: Heavy Rain sets itself up there with any criminal television show out there. You enter the life of a man, Ethan Mars, who has had probably the worst luck of any man on earth. While the events unfold you play a cast of characters, each with their own story and view of what is going on. Basically you’re all after the Origami Killer, a serial killer who targets children. The game has its ups and downs. Basically it is up to the player to make the story unfold perfectly. I for one thought the worst ending of the game was too depressing. So I went back and played what I thought was going to change everything, and it did. I was pleased with how well the characters acted, but some of the events in the game did not seem to make any sense. Why were some guys always mad when you went to talk to them? Those sorts of things did not seem to unfold towards the end.

Gameplay: A series of in depth quick time events and controller shaking moments is what makes Heavy Rain so special. Every encounter, door opened, and picking up objects is done by a press of a simple button/direction pressing command. Of course you can move your character around and analyze your surroundings, but how much of this do you think you can take? I finished the game on “Played many games” setting and I still missed a lot of events. Not a big deal considering HR has an endless supply of them. A real pain was the camera, sometimes just progressing to the next QTE was a challenge because I could not move the character to the exact spot.

The limited amount of room with hardly any exploration was also a let down. You are on a linear path until the end. But the story and in-depth character development are what also makes Heavy Rain a surprisingly good game.

Graphics: Very good.

Sound: Very good.

Overall: 9 out of 10

If you were a fan of Indigo Prophecy, this game is worth checking out. Those who cannot stand structured button pressing and controlling pushing be warned, this might not be worth your time.
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