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lol tell me about it, none of them now how to beat them within 5 mins easily!

that's why I like doing them with my brother, we have a strat that we do.

2 of us pick protoss the other picks zerg, we just make at least 4 zealots each, wait outside one base and 4 zealots go into each base and wipe out all the peons and screw them over and then the zerglings are there just incase they know how to stop it, cause our zealots will distract and then the zerglings will take out the probes/peons/whatever!

and if that doesn't work, we already start doing our normal crap building up stuff we need so while they need to rebuild and whatever, we already have dark templars and then we just win.

we only lost once doing this, that's cause we had to face someone doing the exact same thing just about so it stopped both of us in the beginning haha so it just went into a normal game of facing each other.
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